Sunday, June 17, 2012

GQ Creates Augmented Reality App to Add Online Content to Magazine

augmented reality mobile appAugmented reality has seen a great deal of adoption by traditional print magazines of late. With the launch of Layar's Creator web service last week, more and more magazines are sure to continue this trend and look to this technology that creatively bridges the off and online world and is much more desirable than the not-so-pretty QR code alternative.

The latest publication to bring AR technology to their pages is the men's general-interest magazine, GQ.

GQ has partnered with AR platform Aurasma on GQLive, an AR app that will deliver extra, 3D content to readers when they hover their mobile device over the magazine pages. According to the GQ release, the app will recognize ads and editorial content as AR markers and offer up "videos, 3D modeling, and more."

The first AR-enabled GQ magazine will be September's issue and the GQLive app will be available for iOS and Android beginning August 21st.

As magazines move past adoption of AR and start to collect usage stats, it will be interesting to see if they start to develop formal ad packages for regular placement of AR-enabled ads. Print newspapers should take note as such an ad model may help boost revenues a bit for their struggling industry once AR becomes a b it more mainstream.

What do you think? Will AR change the way we read print publications? What other print media would benefit from AR technology? Books? Newsletters? Annual Reports?

Image credit: GQ via PR Newswire

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