Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Marvel Brings Augmented Reality to Comic Books

Marvel Comics announced this week that they will be including augmented reality markers in their comic books in the future to give additional, 3D content to readers.

Check out this demo video by cnet. Nothing really ground-breaking here, but AR in comics is interesting concept and foundation to build on....


  1. It is neat to see companies embracing AR as a way to extend content. I'd rather see AR as a content and educational tool, but it seems to be more appealing to marketers and companies. Don't get me wrong, finding the nearest dry cleaner or seeing how furniture would look in my room is cool too, but sometimes I feel education takes a backseat when the shiny new hi tech item comes along.

    I helped make an AR app that teaches toddlers the alphabet with animals. I see this as a step in the direction of AR textbooks and other teaching aides to get kids to learn in a different way.

    If you want to check it out, the app is on the ios appstore, AR Flashcards - Animal Alphabet.

    The comic book really makes me wonder how textbooks could benefit from AR.

  2. Hi David, I totally agree that AR could be a great educational tool.
    I actually blogged about your flashcards a little while back. I stumbled across them when searching for AR on YouTube. Great idea!